A Visit to Konoba Nono

In the heart of Pirovac lies Konoba Nono, a rustic tavern turned contemporary eatery, now under the dynamic stewardship of Krešimir Trošić and Ivan Maršanić. Their culinary ethos revolves around showcasing locally-sourced, expertly crafted ingredients, steering clear of trends they deem inauthentic. Despite their youthful age of 26, their culinary journey is rich with experience garnered from esteemed kitchens. Their dynamism has elevated the ‘new Nono’ into a sleek dining destination, offering an experience that marries tradition with innovation, all against a backdrop of modern elegance.

Walking into Konoba Nono, you’re greeted with an atmosphere that effortlessly blends rustic charm with chic sophistication, setting the scene for an extraordinary culinary journey. During a recent visit, we savoured a chef’s table experience curated by Krešimir himself. Each dish was a testament to his culinary prowess, celebrating local ingredients with finesse and flair. Krešimir’s passion for provenance added depth to every bite, making it an unforgettable dining adventure.

A moreish hazelnut-chocolate pudding, grilled Dalmatian squid, catch-of-the-day carpaccio, and dry-aged, sous-vide steak stole the show, showcasing Konoba Nono’s dedication to elevating classic flavours with a contemporary twist. For those perusing the standard menu, the tuna dishes are unmissable, whether in tartare form or as a succulent steak.

Beyond the gastronomic delights, Konoba Nono excels in service, providing attentive and considerate assistance that enhances the overall dining experience. Service like this hasn’t been seen before in Pirovac and it’s greatly welcomed. Servers are knowledgable about the food and drink, and care deeply about what they are serving. Complementing the outstanding cuisine is a carefully curated wine selection, expertly paired to enhance each dish’s flavours and elevate the dining experience.

Recent accolades, including the esteemed Big Star award from Večernji List’s Tourist Patrol, affirm Konoba Nono’s status as a culinary gem in Pirovac. With its innovative cuisine, inviting ambience, and unparalleled service, it’s a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly remarkable dining experience.

For more fine, modern Dalmatian cuisine in the area, Konoba Boba in nearby Murter also offers a beautiful dining experience with locally sourced ingredients.