Croatia Family Holidays: the Right Destination for You and Your Family

Croatia is a beautiful country to visit throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season. Starting from unforgettable Advent, New Year’s nights, through exciting days of carnivals, Croatia is the place to be for family holidays.

Moreover, you can experience various traditional and cultural events. For instance, Easter week is a part of the tourist preseason, as well as the attractive summer season, where the whole family can enjoy the sea and the sun.

It is not surprising that Croatia is justifying the status of one of the most desirable tourist destinations. Its formula lies in the symbiosis of the untouched nature, cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy, friendly, and welcoming population, as well as very affordable prices for hotels, apartments or private accommodations.

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Dalmatia Croatia Travel Guide

Dalmatia Croatia is a historically rich region known for its beautiful nature and enchanting landscape, rich cultural heritage, and unique people. The area extends from the island of Rab to the Bay of Kotor. This narrow Adriatic Sea belt could be an ideal vacation destination, so we bring you a travel guide to Dalmatia Croatia.

Since we already presented to you the beautiful beaches near Pirovac in Dalmatia, let’s see what you can see and eat there. 

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