Croatia Family Holidays: the Right Destination for You and Your Family

croatia family holidays

Croatia is a beautiful country to visit throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season. Starting from unforgettable Advent, New Year’s nights, through exciting days of carnivals, Croatia is the place to be for family holidays.

Moreover, you can experience various traditional and cultural events. For instance, Easter week is a part of the tourist preseason, as well as the attractive summer season, where the whole family can enjoy the sea and the sun.

It is not surprising that Croatia is justifying the status of one of the most desirable tourist destinations. Its formula lies in the symbiosis of the untouched nature, cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy, friendly, and welcoming population, as well as very affordable prices for hotels, apartments or private accommodations.

Croatia and Family Holidays

Accommodation offers vary greatly from apartment and room rentals to luxury hotel accommodations. The summer season starts in May, when hosts open their doors wide, welcoming all the guests who are coming to Croatia for family holidays. 

It is a month when seaside accommodation prices are very favorable. A great tourist boom occurs in June when Croatia enters its warm summer period. 

The summer holiday at the seaside brings an authentic tourist atmosphere. A record number of travelers arrive in Croatia from European and non-European countries each year. It all speaks to the quality of Croatia as a holiday destination.

Croatia and family holidays go well together. For all those who have visited Croatia, it becomes a yearly habit. Naturally, when the peak of summer is happening, more hotels and private stays are required in Croatia. 

So, if you don’t manage to go there during the summer, choose September. It’s like a calm summer, with a real opportunity for a pleasant stay. Also, you will find much lower prices of hotel and private apartment accommodations, which will last until the end of October. 

We believe that Croatia is among the best destinations for family holidays in the world, and we hope that it will stay like this because the quality that Croatia offers is impeccable compared to some of the world’s top holiday destinations.

Plus, it’s great to bring your children here since it’s an extremely safe country. Your young ones can play freely wherever they want while you’re drinking coffee in a nearby cafe.

Therefore, if you want your vacation to go according to plan, secure your Croatian seaside accommodation on time, and you’ll think of everything else when you arrive.

Active Vacation

Croatia is the perfect place for activity holidays. There are numerous possibilities for having active leisure time on one of the beautiful beaches or in the hidden caves. Make sure to choose something from sailing, diving, sport fishing, cycling, caving, hiking, and rafting while you’re there.

Reasons to Book a Villa in Croatia for Your Family Holiday

It’s Warm During Summer, Spring, and Autumn

Croatian seaside has a Mediterranean climate, which is hot during the summer months and mild during the winter. You will get around 13 hours of sunshine during July and August. If you decide to go there during the summer, you can expect it to be sunny throughout your stay.

What’s more, September and October are still quite warm, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. So, make sure to book your stay in Croatia for the family holidays as soon as possible.

Nature is Gorgeous

The gorgeous Adriatic seaside, crystal clear waters, and exceptional beaches will leave you speechless. But there’s more. Croatia offers something for the adventurers, too. It has numerous mountain ranges and national parks, which are worth visiting in any season. 

Don’t just visit the gorgeous beaches. Croatia is the right destination for family holidays because it has eight national parks. The most prominent ones are Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park, but make sure to visit the less-known ones, such as Risnjak. It is the part of Dinaric mountain system full of indigenous species, Eurasian lynx.

You can spend your family holidays on other mountain ranges. There’s the Biokovo mountain range, which has the second-highest peak in Croatia.

Moreover, stop at Mosor. The hectic karst mountain above Poljica is a favorite destination for hikers coming from the Split area. The most prominent peaks are Debelo brdo, Ljubljana, Veliki Kabal, and Sveti Jure.

You can also go island hopping on a couple of Croatian islands, such as the island of Brač, Hvar, or Ugljan.

You Get to See Spectacular Architecture

Croatia is home to many architectural wonders. For instance, it is full of Roman buildings, such as palaces and temples. You can see some of these dwellings in cities like Split, Dubrovnik, and Pula.

Except for the Roman heritage, Croatia has a few Stone Age sites, where archaeologists have discovered prehistoric caves. You can visit the museums and see the objects people left there centuries ago.

Diocletian’s Palace in Split and Dubrovnik’s old part of the city have been used as filming locations for Game of Thrones. So, there’s another reason to visit the two magnificent cities. The ancient walls and columns hide dozens of cool restaurants and bars that your family will love.

Try Out Delicious Local Cuisine

Croatian holidays wouldn’t be complete without the food. Luckily, Croatian cuisine is abundant with Mediterranean specialties. Most of the dishes you can order at the restaurants are made from local ingredients. For example, you can find pasta and fresh fish.

For example, you can eat Fuži, a type of handmade pasta with truffles from the Istria region. If you prefer fish, there’s plenty of it. Make sure to try Škampi na buzaru, shrimps in a delicious sauce served with bread.

Another tasty meal option at the seaside is crni rižot, black risotto with squid ink. For meat lovers, there’s Peka, a staple of Dalmatian cuisine. It is a type of baked meat and vegetables which the chefs prepare in a hot clay pot.

The Prices are Reasonable

Have you made your decision yet? If not, this reason might outweigh all the other ones, especially if you have a big family.

Prices for your stay in Croatia are incredibly reasonable. Booking your villa will cost you less than in nearby European destinations. Also, a standard meal in a restaurant ranges from 8 to 15 Euros per person. So, think about it again and don’t miss the opportunity to visit this extraordinary country.

Will You Choose Croatia as Your Next Family Holidays Destination?

There is always something new, something you have not tried, which will make your luxury holidays in Croatia unique. Tourist offers are constantly changing, and many novelties are present from year to year.

The numerous options we mentioned will make your family holidays in Croatia even more special. We wish you a pleasant stay and hope it goes exactly as you imagine it.