How to Plan Your Sailing Holidays in Croatia

Croatia is a land with beautiful continental national and nature parks, but it is also a land of fun in the sea and the sun. No wonder you can spend unforgettable sailing holidays in Croatia if you’re a sailing enthusiast.

The rugged coast of Croatia and its numerous islands were created by a huge sea-level rise 13,000 years ago. The 5,000 kilometer-long coastline gives a view over a string of different islands that you can visit all year long. There are romantic and picturesque coastal towns with modern harbors and well-equipped marinas. Nature is mostly untouched and has endowed this rich and gorgeous country with an incredible number of secluded beaches, cliffs, bays, and wide-open spaces. 

Croatia is home to the Yacht Week Croatia, and every season, it attracts sailors and yacht lovers to come an enjoy its crystal clear sea. If you’re a passionate yacht-lover, three regions in Croatia are go-to places for you, but only one of them has the best possible charter offers, and it’s Dalmatia. Now, let’s see how to organize your sailing holidays in Croatia.

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Best Things to do in Tisno, Croatia

Have you ever been to Tisno, Croatia?

If not, and if you’re planning to go soon, then let’s see where this place is and why you should visit.

Tisno is a small city in the northern part of Dalmatia that you can reach by car. It is the first place on the island of Murter but also the youngest settlement there. It dates back to the 15th century when the people seeking refuge from the Turks settled the area. 

Things have changed since then, and now Tisno is one of the Croatian tourist hotspots, with long summers and a variety of cultural events. Here’s our list of the best things to do in Tisno, Croatia.

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Cool Places to Visit in Croatia in 2020

Do you know what the cool places in Croatia in 2020 are?

Croatia is a small country whose tourism is booming but isn’t yet world-famous. Those who have heard of this country would probably not know how to find it on the world map. But Croatia is really full of magical places. Let us take you on a journey through this little piece of paradise on earth.

In case you are planning a road trip through Croatia, we suggest you follow this guide from the north to the south of the country. If you are arriving by plane or just passing by, try to stop by at least some of the following places.

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Best Things to Do in Zadar, Croatia

The city of Zadar in Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beautiful towns on the Adriatic coast. It is rich in history and cultural heritage and offers each visitor to experience a dash of exquisite hospitality in this region. Located in the very heart of the Adriatic, it is easily reachable by land, sea, and air. The millennia of historical tales and events woven into its streets and the influence of different cultures have left a rich mark that attracts more and more people every season. The uniqueness of the city lies in the calmness of the old city center since a large part is freed from vehicles and pedestrians can use it for sightseeing.

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Split Airport (SPU) opens up new terminal

After steady growth for years, the airport in Split (SPU) finally opened up their long awaited new terminal. During the peak season, the congestion at SPU has been frustrating to say the least. It wasn’t uncommon to see passengers having to stand up and wait for their departures due to the lack of available seats. Now that’s finally over.

The new terminal increase the total space from the previous 14.000 square meters it will have 50.000 square meters, which should significantly ease the congestion when waiting for your next flight.

There are apparently also plans to overhaul the runway and add more taxi lanes to further reduce congestion on the tarmac.

The new extension is also adding a new lounge, giving the previous Star Alliance-lounge a much-needed upgrade.

Croatia Family Holidays: the Right Destination for You and Your Family

Croatia is a beautiful country to visit throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season. Starting from unforgettable Advent, New Year’s nights, through exciting days of carnivals, Croatia is the place to be for family holidays.

Moreover, you can experience various traditional and cultural events. For instance, Easter week is a part of the tourist preseason, as well as the attractive summer season, where the whole family can enjoy the sea and the sun.

It is not surprising that Croatia is justifying the status of one of the most desirable tourist destinations. Its formula lies in the symbiosis of the untouched nature, cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy, friendly, and welcoming population, as well as very affordable prices for hotels, apartments or private accommodations.

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Dalmatia Croatia Travel Guide

Dalmatia Croatia is a historically rich region known for its beautiful nature and enchanting landscape, rich cultural heritage, and unique people. The area extends from the island of Rab to the Bay of Kotor. This narrow Adriatic Sea belt could be an ideal vacation destination, so we bring you a travel guide to Dalmatia Croatia.

Since we already presented to you the beautiful beaches near Pirovac in Dalmatia, let’s see what you can see and eat there. 

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Is Tipping in Croatia a Thing?

Were you ever confused with tipping in Croatia?

Determining how much and when to tip a waiter is complicated enough in the country where you live, let alone when you travel somewhere. Various customs, rules, and methods of calculating tips are diverse in all countries in the world.

Moreover, each country has its own set of unwritten rules that tourists are most often not familiar with. For example, the US has a reputation for being the country with the longest tradition of giving tips. 

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Why You Should Visit the Blue Cave and the Blue Lagoon in Croatia

You know how some places have a special place in your heart even though your last visit was a long time ago? Well, little natural beauties in Croatia could leave such an imprint as the Blue Cave and the Blue Lagoon at Biševo island.

If you happen to be around, you wouldn’t want to miss it. It’s becoming more popular each year, so make sure you arrive there before the hustle and bustle. Here’s our guide on these two natural wonders.

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Fun Things to Do in Murter Island, Croatia

Did you ever plan to visit Murter Island, Croatia? 

Murter, an island in the south part of the Adriatic sea in Croatia, is a unique tourist destination due to its geographical location. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. After you cross the bridge, you can go anywhere to the rest of the county, as well as the cities of Šibenik, Zadar, and Split. 

There are two national parks near Murter: Kornati and Krka, as well as nature parks Telaščica and Lake Vrana. Murter’s clear sea, air, and secluded coves make it attractive to those who want a peaceful holiday.

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