How to Plan Your Sailing Holidays in Croatia

sailing holidays croatia

Croatia is a land with beautiful continental national and nature parks, but it is also a land of fun in the sea and the sun. No wonder you can spend unforgettable sailing holidays in Croatia if you’re a sailing enthusiast.

The rugged coast of Croatia and its numerous islands were created by a huge sea-level rise 13,000 years ago. The 5,000 kilometer-long coastline gives a view over a string of different islands that you can visit all year long. There are romantic and picturesque coastal towns with modern harbors and well-equipped marinas. Nature is mostly untouched and has endowed this rich and gorgeous country with an incredible number of secluded beaches, cliffs, bays, and wide-open spaces. 

Croatia is home to the Yacht Week Croatia, and every season, it attracts sailors and yacht lovers to come an enjoy its crystal clear sea. If you’re a passionate yacht-lover, three regions in Croatia are go-to places for you, but only one of them has the best possible charter offers, and it’s Dalmatia. Now, let’s see how to organize your sailing holidays in Croatia.

Organizing Your Sailing Holidays in Croatia

A sailing holiday in Croatia is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The beauty of the Adriatic coast, the innumerable bays and hidden beaches that are only accessible by boat are just a few reasons why everyone should rent a yacht in Croatia.

How to Rent a Yacht?

You can rent a yacht in almost every place along the Croatian coast. Nonetheless, not all locations are easily accessible via online sites. If you plan your holiday months in advance and you’re arriving by plane, you should book the ticket before choosing your charter base in Croatia. There are several things to consider when planning your sailing holidays and booking your yacht, catamaran, or motorboat in Croatia. The most important thing is to make sure that at least one of your group or your crew has a sailing license that is valid in Croatia. If you have one, you can continue to plan your vacation by following the instructions below. If not, you have two options: sailing with a skipper or completing a sailing school course beforehand. If you’re starting out from Villa Lava, we’ve partnered with Adventure Charter, which is walking distance from the Villa. Adventure Charter can provide you with great yachts at reasonable rates.

When choosing your place of arrival, you need to know how much time you want to sail daily to your next destination. Most yacht renting companies have a couple of recommended sailing routes and will give you the necessary information about the distances between places. 

After choosing a route, check the destinations listed (marina prices, anchorage options, sightseeing spots). If no route is right for you, you can always contact a charter company for assistance. 

You’re Almost Done…

If you have resolved all these issues, you are missing just one more thing, and that is booking the yacht. There are plenty of agencies for renting various sailboats, motor yachts, catamarans in Croatia, but also mega yachts and luxury boats. It is best to book directly with charter companies in Croatia, as they will give you the fastest response. Alternatively, you can find out the availability status of the yacht you are interested in first-hand.

Best Sailing Routes in Croatia

As we mentioned in the beginning, Croatia is home to over six hundred little islands. You would need at least a year to visit every single one of them. However, it’s an impossible task, so here are some of the best routes you can choose when you arrive here.

Sailing Destinations from Zadar

Let’s start with Zadar. It is one of the main ports on the coast of Croatia and one of the most frequented harbors in the country. From here, you can take the route to the Kornati, a group of islands that are the densest archipelago in on the Adriatic and a national park as well. From Zadar, you can also go to Vis, a small beautiful island with an area of just 90 square kilometers. Its archipelago won the title of UNESCO Global Geoparks in 2019. Also, there are the Blue cave and the Blue lagoon nearby, so make sure to go there while you’re spending your sailing holidays around Vis.

Sailing Destinations from Split

Next, you can choose Split as your main port. From there, you can go to Hvar and Pakleni islands archipelago, which is full of hidden lagoons and clear blue waters. Moreover, you can visit several FKK beaches and restaurants with local specialties. You will probably go to Mljet, as well. It is one of the largest southern Dalmatian islands and also the southernmost and easternmost of the Croatian islands. This island is considered as the island with the most forests on the whole coast. Korčula, an island inhabited in prehistoric times, will be your next destination. Its oldest artifacts from Vela Spila date back to the Old Stone Age.

Sailing Destinations from Dubrovnik

Last, you can choose Dubrovnik as your main port. From there, you’ll most likely go to Šipan, a small island with only 16 square kilometers. You’ll also go to Mljet, which we already mentioned, and then go to the island of Lastovo. The island became a nature park in 2007, and it has almost as much forest terrain as Mljet. You’ll probably sail somewhere near Pelješac, the second largest Croatian peninsula, before returning to Dubrovnik.

Are You Ready for Your Sailing Holidays in Croatia?

Croatia is a land that you will visit during vacation time, but will gladly return to every time you get the chance. Luckily, if you’re a sailing enthusiast, make sure to organize your sailing holidays in Croatia and enjoy the sea and the breeze. You can also rent out a luxury villa for when you’re arriving here and before you leave home. 

Book your tickets and your accommodation on time and have fun in the sun!