Beautiful Beaches Near Pirovac, Croatia

Sunset over beach.

Before you book your luxury villa in Croatia, you would want to know how the beaches in the area look. Luckily, Šibensko-kninska county is known as the region with the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Consider this article as your go-to list when you arrive in Croatia because we’ll enlist the best beaches near Pirovac. 

Miran Beach, Pirovac

The first beach on our list is Miran beach. Its location is next to the hotel and Kamp Miran. Miran is a tiny-pebble beach with closeby facilities. Here, you’ll find a shop, a restaurant, and a café. A fragrant pine forest surrounds the beach and provides shade for the visitors. So, if you’re concerned about your children’s health and the dangerous UVA and UVB rays, make sure to move closer to the shade.

Lolić Beach, Pirovac

Lolić beach is the main city beach in Pirovac. It’s located on the southeast of Pirovac bay. Lolić is a fine-pebble beach but has a sandy and shallow center, where your kids can play safely. Also, the beach is surrounded by pine trees, so that you can relax in the shade as well. What will delight you, however, are the numerous entertainment, and sports facilities right by the sea, so visitors of every age will find something for themselves. Cafés, restaurants, bakeries, pancake stands, souvenir shops, fast-food stands, and other shops will surely offer you a full day’s stay on the beach. The beach has various types of services such as outdoor massages, scooter, canoe, and boat rentals, deck chairs, and parasols.

Makirina Bay, Pirovac

At the southern end of the Bay of Pirovac is Makirina Bay and its sandy beach. Although neglected and virtually unchanged since the ancient times, it is rich in medicinal mud, which is known for its anti-rheumatic properties. Both locals and tourists have used it for many years. The bay is shallow, muddy, and without natural shade. There are also the remnants of an old pier that go a bit deeper than the bay’s seabed. The entry to the bay is a few kilometers from Pirovac. You can go there from Vrilo bay as well. If you want to go by boat, be careful due to the extremely shallow part and the stone walls in the sea.

Solaris Beach, Šibenik

One of the most beautiful beaches near Pirovac is essential on this list. It is over a kilometer long, full of sand, and it really has everything. Solaris beach in Amadria park has a swimming pool, a water slide, children’s playground, dance floor, sports ground, marina, dock, access to Wi-Fi, ATM, restaurant, café, a fast-food stand, a pizza place, a bakery, a pastry shop, and a club. It’s great for families with children, but younger generations can have fun there also. The hotel’s complex, apartments and the campsite are right next to the beach.

Plava Beach, Vodice

Plava beach is quite full as soon as summer begins, up until the end of the season. It isn’t strange, because this beach has everything, a restaurant, a fast food parlor, and a café, so you can find your place in the early morning and enjoy the whole day. When the sun goes up, you can move the towel under the pines in the shade. Moreover, there is sand, tiny pebbles, a concrete pier, grass, and rocks near the beach.

Slanica Beach, Murter

Slanica beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. It is located in the Slanica bay, and it’s the pearl of the Šibenik Riviera, on the island of Murter. This sandy beach with concrete and rocky parts and a shallow sea is the perfect backdrop for “picigin” players. Young couples, the elderly, or families with children will all have fun on Slanica Beach. Sports, entertainment, and facilities for children attract tourists who can also reach the beach by car thanks to the nearby parking.

Which Beautiful Beaches Near Pirovac Did You Visit?

If you never been to Pirovac before, this list will help you quite a lot. Make sure to do your research and find which of the most beautiful beaches you prefer. On the other hand, if you’re already a local here, you sure know which beaches you like. Lastly, have fun and enjoy your vacation in sunny Croatia.