Six Most Scenic Vineyards Around Pirovac, Croatia

Except for its sunny beaches and beautiful nature, Croatia is home to about 40,000 vineyards. In the Šibensko-kninska county alone, there are numerous native wine varieties and protected gourmet delicacies like the famous Drniš prosciutto. In case you’re near Krka National Park, you can visit stunning vineyards around Pirovac, Croatia. The scenic vineyards await all the thirsty adventure seekers in the region.

1. Bibich Winery

Bibich Winery is one of the most famous wineries in Dalmatia. It is a family-owned ’boutique’ winery that has been producing wine for generations. The family roots’ first written traces date back as far as the 15th century. The winery to the town of Nečven Grad in Promina municipality, where the estate and scenic vineyards are today.

Bibich winery collaborated with several world-class winemakers, enologists, and wine connoisseurs. Unlike other young wineries in the area, after years of working, the first wines were released in 1998. Today, some 20 years later, Bibich wines are in the world’s best restaurants. For instance, their wines are on the wine lists in cities like in New York, Tokyo, and Stockholm.

Their offering consists of a few varieties of wine. Except for the world-famous varieties, Syrah and Merlot, the main backbone of the winery are the native varieties of Skradin. Those are Plavina, Lasina, and Babić. Babić is a domestic red wine variety that only grows in the Šibensko-kninska county. This “little black giant” manages to yield rich and juicy fruit regardless of the extreme conditions in which it grows.

You can taste Bibich wines with creative molecular cuisine dishes from their kitchen. Visitors can opt for food and wine tastings in seven to ten sequences. It depends on the size of the group and the time they have on hand.

2. Baraka Winery

It is in the middle of the Srima peninsula, between Vodice, Jadrija, Zaton, and Šibenik harbor. One plot of land is surrounded by dry stones. It houses the vineyards of the Baraka boutique winery. Those four hectares yield Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, as well as Plavina and Babić.

In addition to the scenic vineyards, there is a winery with tasting grounds and olive groves. What’s more, you can see lavender, immortelle, and other Mediterranean herbs. The owners seek to create the ideal conditions for the growth of the vine in the traditional Mediterranean ecosystem.

Baraka Winery is a small family-owned business. Baraka offers tasting menus of wines along with locally-produced cheese varieties, olives, ​and extra virgin olive oils. If you want to visit Baraka, reservation is advised.

3. Ante Sladić Vino

Ante Sladić is a young winemaker from Plastovo near Skradin, who took over his family farm from his father. He raised a new vineyard with 1000 vines of the domestic Lasina variety. Sladić’s OPG near the Krka river nurtures more native grape varieties – Debit, Maraština, Lasina, and Plavina. The wines produced by this young agronomy engineer have multiple international rewards.

The winery states that they “are offering wine tasting with food pairing, you can purchase their wines”. Also, you can taste their artisanal food products. Their presenters are professional enologists who will give you essential information about the wines, grapes, and vineyards. Lastly, they will tell you about the influence of the microclimate and the character of the region.

Instead of simply showing off their wines, Ante Sladić Vino ensures their visitors leave with as much information as possible. During your wine tasting, you’ll find out everything about the grape variety and its features.

4. Rak Winery

One of the most recommended wineries for visiting is Rak Winery in Dubrava near Šibenik. The winery produces wines from two domestic varieties of the local hinterland: Babić and Maraština.

Viticulture and winemaking are a long-standing tradition of this family winery. The winery uses modern processes and equipment to achieve excellent results. They store the wines in oak barrels, where the wine ages. Rak winery also grows olives and produces olive oil.

Regardless of their exquisite wine, they also offer organized visits to their scenic vineyards and olive groves. There’s also a tasting room near the winery that can accommodate up to 50 people. Winery guests can sample wines and local specialties prepared from local ingredients. Prosciutto, cheese, and olives for appetizers, home-baked goods, and delicious chocolate cake accompanied by Rak wines; they make an unmistakable combination, which is a guarantee you’ll have a great time.

5. Sladić Winery

The fifth on our list, Sladić winery from Plastovo. Marko Sladić, owner of Bonaca agricultural trade runs it for almost 20 years. Their winemaking has a long family tradition, which has lifted the wine quality and wine production in Croatia.

Although a vast vineyard of 35,000 vines of Sladić winery can take your breath away, the real originality of this winery lies in native grape varieties – Maraština, Plavina, and Debit. The enologists and wine lovers from the region like to come here to enjoy a fine glass of wine. 

If you ever you find yourself in the Skradin area, come to Sladić tavern in Plastovo. Moreover, see the scenic vineyard. It offers a view on all the diversity and beauty of the Krka canyon and its surroundings.

6. Testament Winery

Testament Winery is a family-own winery in a well-known location for the Babić variety. Ninety acres of vineyards near Jadrtovci gives high-quality grapes if the year has not been too dry. The talented Juraj Sladić manages the winery. He is an enologist who gained experience at the Badel winery near Benkovac. He also worked at the family winery in Plastovo near Skradin.

Lastly, Testament winery won a silver medal for their Babić variety wine. It was one of the world’s most influential wine awards, Decanter World Wine Awards. If you’re near Testament winery, make sure to “immerse yourself in the beauty of breathtaking views. The rocky soil and the Dalmatian winds, the lifegiving sun and taste of their great wines is a plus. Moreover, make sure to try the snacks in the Testament winery tasting room. 

Which of the Scenic Vineyards Have You Visited Already?

Whenever you’re tired of sunbathing and sightseeing Croatia’s coastal towns, head to the heart of Dalmatia. Due to the numerous sunny hours per year, grape varieties in Croatia are of superior quality. So, next time you’re around, make sure to visit one of the vineyards we mentioned.