Why You Should Visit the Blue Cave and the Blue Lagoon in Croatia

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You know how some places have a special place in your heart even though your last visit was a long time ago? Well, little natural beauties in Croatia could leave such an imprint as the Blue Cave and the Blue Lagoon at Biševo island.

If you happen to be around, you wouldn’t want to miss it. It’s becoming more popular each year, so make sure you arrive there before the hustle and bustle. Here’s our guide on these two natural wonders.

Going to the Blue Cave (Modra Špilja)

The island of Biševo near the island of Vis has a rich coastline and even more abundant underwater life. What makes it beautiful and attractive to tourists and sea enthusiasts are the numerous caves, by which Biševo was named “L ‘ísola dei busi” (“the island of holes.”) 

The Blue Cave and its captivating surroundings were painted in the 19th century by Baron Eugen von Ransonnet. He was responsible for breaking through the larger entrance to the Cave. Today, tourists and sailors use that entrance as the main passage to the Cave. The Blue Cave is located in Balun Bay, on the east side of Biševo. The organized tours start from the port of Mesoporat.

About the Cave

The Cave is 24 meters long and approximately 12 meters wide. Its height of up to 15 meters and depth up to 16 meters make it just the right size for a group of people to pass through. 

It has two entrances, an underwater entrance where the sunlight penetrates and an opening made in 1884 to allow the boat to enter. A specific phenomenon gives blue and silver shades of the sea when you’re inside. The sunlight penetrates the underwater opening and refracts, which leads to blue and silver tones. The sea in the Cave sometimes has the color of liquid silver. It depends on the time of day and the angle by which the light gets refracted.

Baron Ransonnet made a wooden pedestal on an iron structure, fastened in the central room of the Cave, to paint the breathtaking scenes of the Blue Cave in the 19th century. 

He brought sunlight to his canvas using a few mirrors. He made several paintings, but he forgot about the bad weather conditions outside. Luckily, he was successfully rescued by the fishermen from Biševo.

According to many travelers and distinguished travelers, the Blue Cave surpasses the world-famous Grotta Azzurra Cave on Capri Island near Naples in terms of beauty. The Cave was declared a protected geomorphological monument of nature in 1951.

How and When to Arrive

When you want to see the Blue Cave, the first stop will be the little port of Mezoporat. You can get there either by boat from Komiža or by renting a shuttle service to one of the numerous speedboats or boats located and advertised along the waterfront in the heart of Komiža. 

If you decide to visit the Cave on your own, the weather conditions are crucial. The time of year, however, is not of the essence. The entrance to the Cave is quite narrow, and it is necessary to choose the time when the sea is calm, and there are no signs of bad weather. 

You should also be careful what is the size of the boat you are trying to sail into the Cave. For organized visits, companies use boats that are about 5-6 meters in length, which can pass through the entrance. The Cave is closed during storms and bad weather because the waves get too high. 

Most people from the area say that it is ideal to sail in the spring or fall when there is no crowd. Only then you can have a full Blue Cave experience. Except for the visual spectrum of colors, at this time of year, the sea creates a unique musical rhapsody with the water hitting the rocks. Let the beauty of the island of Biševo invite you to visit the Blue Cave because some attractions cannot be described; they can only be experienced.

The Prices

If you rent your transport, it will cost you around 100 kunas plus the Cave ticket price. The trip will take about an hour and thirty minutes. If you decide to go on a boat line, it will be cheaper, but you need to spend the day on Biševo because of the boat timetable. Since swimming in the Cave is not allowed, spending a day at Biševo can be a great idea, especially if you plan your trip in advance.

During the season period (07/01-08/31), the entrance fee to the Cave is 100 kunas for adults and 50 kunas for a child aged 6-12, while the admission is free for children under the age of six. 

You’ll have to pay 70 kunas for adults and 50 kunas for children if you’re there off-season (03/01-06/30). You can buy your ticket at the port of Mesoporat once you arrive there.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon

As said, you’ll probably have to spend the whole day at Biševo, so there’s your chance to visit the rest of the island. Nonetheless, if you’re staying at Vis or somewhere near, there’s a small islet Budikovac on the east side of Vis. The locals call it Budihovac. It is an ideal place for a real vacation.

The island has a beautiful pebble beach and a small bay, protected from the open sea. It is an attractive haven for many boaters who want to spend their holidays here. There is also a deep anchorage (about 2 meters) and a nice swimming lagoon called the Blue Lagoon. It is located opposite the island of Vis, between the islets Sanak, Mali Budikovac and Budikovac. 

You can access it from the south, between Mali Budikovac Island and Budikovac Island. As you pass through the passage, it is advisable to stay closer to the side of Mali Budikovac. There are surface rocks on the side of Budikovac Island.

Blue Lagoon on the island of Budikovac is the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing and diving. The crystal clear sea is what will enchant you from the first day you’re there. So, when you plan to see the beautiful Blue Cave, make sure to head to Vis and the Blue Lagoon if you haven’t been there yet.

Would You Go to Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon in Croatia?

Every island and islet we mentioned is accessible from the ports of Split and Hvar. You can go there with a regular Jadrolinija ferry ride. In case you’re spending your vacation near Vis, you should definitely visit the Blue Cave and the Blue Lagoon. 

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