Everything You Wanted to Know About Yacht Week Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

Did you know that Yacht Week Croatia is an opportunity to sail the Adriatic sea with your friends and have fun?

Croatian coast consists of almost 700 islands and is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. The pleasant Mediterranean climate of the with warm and dry summers and mild winters allows for a longer sailing season. 

Moreover, the coast is full of natural bays, dives, caves, beaches, and crystal clear sea. All this makes the Croatian Adriatic coast a perfect place for sailing and sea holidays. 

Sailing among the Croatian islands will give you a new place to visit every day. Some days you will spend on a yacht, and some on lonely beaches or in quiet coastal towns. Along with the cultural heritage, the hospitality of the hosts and excellent food, you can make your vacation in Croatia an unforgettable experience.

In this article, we’ll lead you through all the essential information you need to know about the Yacht Week brand. So, come on board!

What Is Yacht Week Croatia?

Yacht Week Croatia is a seven-day motor-assisted sailing experience that takes place once a year at various locations in the Croatian Adriatic. The main organizer is European Travel Ventures. Current main destinations are:

  • Greece (Athens route) 
  • the Caribbean (BVI route), 
  • Montenegro (Adriatic route), and 
  • Croatia (Original route, Ultra festival route, and Dubrovnik route). 

It is an authentic marine festival because you get to experience sailing and cruising on the gorgeous waters in one week. 

The routes of the Week include Split, Šipan, Mljet, Korčula, Hvar, Vis, and Brač on their maps. The destinations vary every year, but one of the major cities such as the city of Split, Croatia always remains on the Yacht Week route. The route you sail depends on the destination you choose.

The yacht you rented docks in a different destination every day, which allows you to see and experience many things during the week. You can see historical sites, natural beauties, try out delicious food, various activities, and so on. Everyone will find something for themselves.

What to Bring on a Yacht Week

Take Your Nice Clothes

There will be some hot days on the boat, so flip-flops are a necessity. However, Yacht Week parties sometimes require formal attire. You’ll dock the yacht and go to a private garden party, or visit places like Carpe Diem in Hvar, one of the best clubs in Europe.

What’s more, if you decide to go to a fancy restaurant, sightseeing or visiting museums, make sure to have your nice clothes. They’ll probably kick you out if you show up in shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

Bring Medications

You probably didn’t think about it, but minimal sleep and alcohol don’t do good to your immune system. Neither does sharing water bottles and cutlery (with the people you may not know).

Moreover, seasickness isn’t that uncommon, so prepare your bags. Also, you might decide to cook on board and accidentally cut your finger. Therefore, take your first aid kit, all the vitamins and medications you find useful and make sure you know your first aid drill.

Have a Car-Charger Adapter

Standard yachts often have only 12-volt power outlets. If you’re a group of electronic device maniacs, you’ll need electricity. So, consider buying a solar-powered charger and look for a car-charger adapter that will help you with your laptops, smartphones, or air pumps for your unicorn floaties.

One thing to avoid is a hairdryer. The outlets won’t handle as much electricity. Plus, you’ll probably spend half of the time in the sea, anyway.

How to Book a Yacht Week Croatia

Once you get to know what essentials you should bring, it’s time to book the yacht. The bookings start in October, so you’ll have to hurry to book the next year’s sailing tour. After you decide which route to take, you can click on “Book now” to go with the purchase. 

It will give you two options: “Book a full yacht” or “Book a cabin on a yacht.” You can book the latter only for specific routes, whereas you’ll need to book a full boat for your Croatian vacation.

Next, you’ll need to pick a Standard, Premium, or Premium Plus option. The first option is a yacht selected for you that can accommodate up to 9 people. The second and third option offers you to handpick your own boat. There can be 11 people on your Premium or Premium Plus yacht.

The best ones to choose are Premium Plus yachts. You’ll have plenty of space, they have bigger bedroom cabins. Trust us, you’ll need that kind of comfort after two nights of drinking. Also, the rear back area is an excellent spot to sunbathe and to socialize, if you decide to go on a cruise with people other than your friends. It can happen since there has to be a 50-50 gender ratio. Sometimes an exception is possible, but it only benefits the female population.

Pro tip: Let the Yacht Week crew assign you a skipper. You can’t expect your skipper to enjoy vast amounts of alcohol and sail the whole week. European Travel Ventures are real professionals, and they’ll give you the best skippers available.

How Much Will It Cost

The cruise usually starts and ends on Saturdays. The price for a Standard cruise is between 700 and 1,030 Euros per person.

The price for a Premium or a Premium Plus cruise, on the other hand, starts at 872 Euros per person. It climbs up to 1,999 Euros per person. Again, make sure to book in advance due to high demand.

You’ll need about 2,500 Euros for a week. It includes the stay, costs, and basic drinks onboard without going to fancy clubs and restaurants. 

There’s a final party for crews of all 50 boats that sail during the Week. It’s a perfect opportunity for another get-together before the last night on board. 

Would You Consider Yacht Week as Your Next Vacation Destination?

Finally, The Yacht Week Croatia is perhaps the best way to spend your vacation. Sail the magnificent crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, have fun with friends and enjoy the beauties of the area. Sign up for next year if you like that kind of fun.

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