The perfect place for your company team summit in Croatia

Company summit

Having distributed teams across the globe is becoming increasingly popular. 10-15 years ago, the concept of a team working together from remote corners of the world was unthinkable for most companies. Today, software companies like Automattic (the company behind WordPress), Gitlab, and even Stripe have adopted remote working as their new default.

While working remotely is a fantastic way of tapping into talents around the world, it is needed to periodically meet your team members in person. This is usually called team summits, team retreats or kick-off. Many companies prefer to rent out a big house where they can have their team stay under one roof and both work, eat and hang out together under one roof.

Why Villa Lava is perfect for your company retreat

At Villa Lava, we are proud to have hosted multiple team summits over the years. In addition to the modern amenities, the swimming pool, and robust internet connection (something that took a lot of effort in Croatia), what we hear from these guest is that they love having everything under one roof. Some teams have setup one floor of the house as their temporary office, and the other floor as their relaxing and dining area.

Should you have a team that is bigger than what can fit in the house, get in touch and we can recommend other places in Pirovac where you can put some of your team members.

For teams visiting Croatia for their team summits, we recommend doing this off-season. Not only is this a lot cheaper, but it’s also less crowded. If you are planning a team retreat in Croatia, we would recommend that you do this in either the early spring (late March to May) or fall (September to early November). That’s before the tourist season, but you will still (usually) enjoy great temperatures during the day time, but not too warm, which makes it great for working together.

One of the few drawbacks with visiting Croatia during the off-season is that there are fewer flights. Yet, if you’re flying into Split (SPU), there are regular flights from the major European airports.

Team building should not entirely be focused on work. There are plenty of things to do around, ranging from hiking, to wine tasting, to visiting sites where parts of Game of Thrones was recorded.