How to find holiday rental apartments around Split, Croatia

Areal view of Split, Croatia by Spencer Davis

If you are looking for holiday apartments in Split, Croatia, that means that you have already selected your next summer destination. With a long coast and wide range of places suitable for holidays, Croatia certainly won’t disappoint you. If however you want to see all its charm, then choosing Dalmatia region is the right choice. This historical region of Croatia is very well known as a perfect place for vacation because of a very good location, nice beaches, a lot of interesting things to visit (80 island among them) and excellent traditional food and wine.

When we speak about Dalmatia, we can not skip Split, the biggest city in the region, and two other nearby towns Zadar and Šibenik. If you are still thinking about where to find holiday apartment which will allow you to see the best of Dalmatia, our advice is to try to be somewhere in the middle these 3 cities. There are many charming villages on the way, which will allow you to get rest, but also to see the best this region can offer. Like a charming village Pirovac for example – it is right between Split and Zadar, has all you need for a perfect holiday and definitely won’t disappoint you.

Choosing apartments in to rent – important facts

You are on a holiday. That means you want to have all the comfort that you can get, to spend the best week or month and re-charge your batteries for the rest of the year. Selecting a great apartment in to rent can help a lot to make the best of your holidays.

Depending on what are you searching for the best option is to select a nice apartment or villa. It will give you the freedom to organize your time the way you want and during holidays. Your holiday apartment should be modern, clean and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Full equipped apartment, which includes private bathroom, linens/towels self catering kitchen, washer TV and a selection of interesting books to read will help you to have everything you need at one place and save your luggage space and preparation time. Free wifi and fast connection are also highly recommend.

Try to have a separate living room, to be able to have a space to enjoy, watch TV or just lay on the sofa when all the rest are doing something else. Having living room can be a good choice as an extra space, because it allows you to put extra beds for the last minute guests. Always contact the property or check with the owner for additional possibilities when you are not sure of the final number of persons that will come with you.

To feel comfortable inside and sleep well at night when the outside temperature is too warm, select an air conditioned holiday apartment or villa is essential. On a hot summer days temperature can easily exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Garden apartments – why is it so important to have space

Having a private garden will provide you with extra privacy and give you a chance re-charge without being surrounded by lots of people (Croatia can get busy during the peak season). So, if you’re not in the mood to go out, having a nice garden to withdraw to and perhaps barbecue just having a morning coffee is a great luxury that you can only get with a private garden.

Moreover, having a private pool designed for relaxing or even swimming is an added bonus that can make your stay even more enjoyable (in particular when the beach is very crowded). 

Accommodation which has a huge sundeck with the sea view where the sun is shining all day long or a balcony lovely for dining outside and romantic sunset can be a nice addition to a perfect holiday.

Good accommodation means that when you are spending your time there, you can completely relax. Choose the neighborhood which is quiet and if possible with almost no car traffic.

Parents know that when spending holidays with children, the most important is to have space. Selecting an apartment with a private garden will allow your children to play without you having to worry of them running out on the streets. A nice garden or a children friendly swimming pool can help a lot when kids want to play outside.  

Importance of distance when searching for holiday apartments

During holidays, most people like basic things to be close by and not need to use car or transportation (such as a visit to the supermarket). That’s why it is important to select an accommodation among holiday apartments which has an easy access to the basic things like supermarkets, vegetable market, pharmacy, bakery, but also shops and restaurants.

Being able to walk to the nearest beach can be a good advantage when you are not in the mood to explore other options because it is too hot or you want to have a safe option close by.

A short walking distance to the city center is also highly recommended, so pay attention to the location of a holiday apartment you have selected. After the whole day of activities, many times you won’t be in the mood to drive or look at the bus schedule when you want to spend the night downtown. It is far better if you can get there by foot and be able to return to your accommodation whenever you want, and not to depend on something or someone.

An active holiday possibilities close to selected holiday rental apartments

If you plan to do sightseeing, there are many sights near Split that can be reached by car or by bus. This is very important to consider when thinking of apartments around Split to rent.  Visiting cities like Sibenik, Zadar or Split can give you a nice sense of what the beautiful Dalmatia has to offer.

Places worth visiting

Split City is the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It is an intra regional transport hub and a popular tourist destination. Those who have visited it, say that it is one of the most popular and beautiful cities on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. The closest airport of Split is Resnik Airport, located 19 km from the city centre.

The historic center of Split (Split Old Town) was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and it is worth visiting. Especially Diocletian’s Palace in the heart of Split, built for the Roman emperor in 305 AD.  

The main square in the city of Split by Diocletian’s Palace is always lively and in the evenings you can have a drink there and enjoy live music. For the best view, there is a bell tower to climb to the top. The whole area of the Diocletian’s Palace is surrounded by cute medieval streets, perfect for getting lost and exploring other interesting things.

There are several museums that can give a valuable insight of the area and its history.

Ethnographic Museum near the Cathedral has a collection focusing on people and Dalmatian life 150 years ago. Part of the museum extends into what were Diocletian’s imperial bedchambers, where a Roman-era staircase leads up for superb views over Split and the sea beyond.

Archaeological Museum is based around a collection from the region, first established 200 years ago. It includes subjects such as a late-Neolithic ceramic bowl from the period when Emperor Trajan unearthed in Split and a warrior’s helmet from the Graeco-Illyrian period of 400BC.

Another museum worth visiting is Split City Museum which covers over 2,000 years of urban history.

For those interested in culture, an impressive example of architecture in Split is the Croatian National Theatre. The former Split Municipal Theatre, was created by Split architects Ante Bezić and Emil Vecchietti and opened in 1893.

After a long visit to various Split attractions, one of the best place for a coffee or lunch is Riva. Running between the Diocletian’s Palace and the sea, it’s the city meeting place, which frequently hosts various cultural events and celebrations.

Other attractions in Split city include two busy markets, a hidden synagogue and a Cathedral of Saint Domnius. Statues by Ivan Meštrović and villa in which he lived are also a must-see gallery.

Split is also known for its beaches. There are two main beaches within walking distance of Split. Bacvice beach is the most popular one. This sandy beach is close to the city centre and minutes walking from the bus station. Because of its central location, it knows to be very crowded. Second beach is Kasjuni beach. It is a bit away from the city center, not so crowded and the locals love to come here and get away from the tourist crowds.

For an unforgettable day trip, visit island near the city of Split, such as Hvar or Brač.

When in Split, don’t miss a chance to visit places where the famous serial Game of Thrones was shot. A number of scenes from this TV show Game of Thrones was shot close by. The most featured sites are Klis Fortress, and Diocletian Palace in Split.

National park Krka – perfect getaway from holiday apartments

For those who like nature, visiting National Park Krka is a must during your holiday in the city of Split or the region. The beautiful waterfalls are located about an hour drive from Split, with frequent transport possibilities (for those who haven’t rent a car during holidays).

Named after the Krka River, Krka National Park is famous for its stunning waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski Buk falls which are one of Croatia’s most famous sights. Skradinski Buk waterfalls are a collection of 17 waterfalls, range in height to over 45 meters. Other highlights include the small island of Visovac (with the monastery which contains a number of well-preserved artifacts and a library) and Roski Slap waterfall.

In Krka you can hike the many trails or have a boat trip through the park (included in the entrance ticket), is the best way to see the beauty of the park up close and relax in a wonderful surrounding.

At some locations in Krka National Park it is possible to swim, so don’t forget to take your swimming suit with you. Get ready for a jump into the water and a refreshing swim as a perfect ending of your visit.

Enjoy traditional tastes and local wines

If you want to go out from the apartment and have a good meal, Croatia won’t disappoint. Some holiday rental apartments in Split Croatia offers you catering as part of your accommodation, but even if that is the case, do not forget to go out and explore the new tastes and see what Croatian cuisine can offer.

Croatian meals are a mix of several cuisines, which influenced this country over the history. Each region of Croatia has its own specialties, but what is the same among them is that it is made from fresh ingredients, which can mainly be found and sourced in the region.

Due to geographical position and historic influence, Dalmatian cuisine is under the strong influence of Italian ways of cooking. Therefore seafood, lamb and beef meat olive oil, vegetables, herbs, honey and citrus fruits are the basic of Dalmatian cuisine.

Still, there are some local specialties which are always in the restaurants menu. Try smoked Dalmatian ham (prsut) or Paski sir (famous sheep’s milk cheese from island of Pag) for a starter. As a first course menu, traditional Dalmatian course manistra na pome’ (pasta with tomato sauce). For those who like rise, crni rizot (black risotto) is a traditional part of Dalmatian cuisine menu, available in most fish restaurants.

For seafood lovers, mussels, oysters and scampi “na buzaru” is a very special meal in Dalmatian region. They are placed in a pot and covered with grated parsley, garlic, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, wine and oil are served with bread or palenta (cornmeal).

Brodetto or brudet (in Split dialect – Brujet) is a fish stew prepared in all parts of the Dalmatian coast and islands. Much like ‘Black Risotto’, it’s a traditional meal served in most restaurants in the Split region. This rich fish stew is made of different fish kinds like angler fish, grouper fish, moray, conger eel and large scale scorpion fish.

From a meat meal section, the most popular is Pasticada and as the perfect ending, there are krostule or fritula is a traditional pastry from Dalmatia and Istria.

Split culinary tour can also be a good way to explore Dalmatian cuisine. It includes a visit to the fish market in Split, known as Peškarija and the famous green market called Pazar. There you will buy groceries and traditional delicacies for the local sellers: Dalmatian seafood, homemade honey, fruit and vegetables, cheese, smoked ham, and other authentic products. At the end, the chefs will prepare delicious lunch from the selected ingredients.

Dalmatia is known as the richest Croatian wine region

Croatia has a rich history in wine production and according to recent findings, Illyrians living in Dalmatia cultivated grapes in the Bronze age. Maybe that’s the reason why today Dalmatia is known as the richest Croatian wine region when it comes to indigenous grape varieties. There are many popular sorts of wine like Plavac, Merlot, Debit, Pošip. Most of them you can buy in the supermarket or wine shop and perhaps enjoy them in the garden after after a relaxed day. Nowadays, you can even try local organic wines which are giving one new and important touch in wine production.

Stay active – choose holiday apartment with various sport possibilities

A summer holiday is not just the sun and the sea. Places around Split city are also ideal for all sport activities for those who want to stay fit or try a new way to relax. When selecting among holiday rental apartments, try to check if any sport activities are available close by. If, for example you are a tennis lover, explore the villages near Split where you would like to stay and try to find if there are any tennis courts available for use.

There is no better activity for those who like to wake up early to go running on the beach. In many towns by the Adriatic sea, you can run right by the waterfront for several kilometers, which makes for a perfect morning run.

Croatia is also amazing for both road biking and for mountain biking. For those who like walking, there are lots of stunningly beautiful hiking trails all around Croatia.

Select accommodation with an easy access to the marina, especially if you like yachting or want to rent a sailboat.

There are many apartments in and around Split to rent, but only one has all that you need for a perfect holiday. Explore, check, compare, read reviews and contact the property for all additional info you may need.