What to Look for If You Want to Book a Luxury Villa in Croatia

Scenic view from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Vacation time is probably your favorite time of the year. If Europe’s beautiful Adriatic sea is your first pick, you would want to know how to book a villa in Croatia.

Have you ever dreamed of relaxing in a hammock between two pines or reading your favorite book on a secluded beach? Your perfect holiday can be a click away. In this article, we’ll lead you through the steps needed to rent one of the luxury villas in Croatia.  

What are Your Priorities?

You can find gorgeous villas throughout Croatia. However, not every villa has the same amenities and other make-or-break factors. So, before searching for villas to rent in Croatia, determine your priorities.

Next, are you a couple or two families that travel together? Both groups would want to stay outside of the city center since busy couples value their time away from other people, while families want to have enough privacy and peace to relax. Luckily, most villas in Croatia are on the outskirts of towns or in villages and are separated from the neighbors with high stone walls.

First, think about whether the proximity to the city center is crucial to you. Some people like to get away as far as possible from the city rush, while others prefer morning walks through the charming cobblestone streets in the old town. If you’re the beach-type of person, make sure to put beaches on the top of your priority list.

Also, the option of buying your groceries nearby is essential to those who cook for themselves. What’s more, think about the need for emergency services if you accidentally step on a sea urchin. Before contacting the owner of the villa, put stores, supermarkets, farmers markets, and emergency services on your priority list.

Last, are you the adventurist-type? Check if there are interesting outdoor recreation areas, national parks, or mountains nearby.

Run the Numbers as Soon as Possible

The luxury villa market in Croatia is booming right now, so you might find a cheaper new or newly-renovated place for less than you thought. What’s more, a recent listing is often less expensive than a hotel stay.

Try to do a preliminary search with a few different listings for accommodation in Dalmatia and compare them. You’ll get a better understanding of how the prices change according to the location, dates, and other factors.

Also, if it’s an agency ad, avoid it and instead book directly with the owner, if possible. Agencies usually take commission fees that can go as high as 30% in the mid-season.

What to Look for in Villas in Croatia

As said, you will first have to see the location of the luxury villa you wish to rent. If the site isn’t specified on the listing, contact the owner and ask them for an exact address.

Next, are there any special amenities you’re looking for, such as a swimming pool, Apple TV, or a WiFi that actually works? Some villas in Croatia do have a private pool and a somewhat good WiFi, but you’ll have to spend some time finding a villa that includes your favorite tech features such as Apple TV in their listing. Some of the villas might have those amenities but at an additional charge.

Plus, you could benefit from those that include housekeeping or a concierge. They can give you insider tips on what to do in the area, where to go out or which are the best beaches.

Still, most luxury villas in Croatia have exceptional facilities, like a BBQ, flat-screen TV, a good sound system, as well as fully-equipped kitchens. Naturally, Air Con should always be included in the price.

What about the space you need? According to Beginner’s Guide to Villa Rentals, most villas you’ll find are 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom estates. If you’re a large group, you’ll have to try harder to find a 20-person villa in Croatia. Alternatively, you can book an entire vacation home that has multiple floors or a couple of villas in a row.

We mentioned a fully-equipped kitchen. If you prefer to eat out, kitchen appliances and supplies won’t be a priority. However, a top-rated villa usually comes with everything you need to cook a proper meal. Another thing to consider before booking one of the villas in Croatia is the bathroom supplies. The host should provide towels, soap, shampoo, and toilet paper for everyone, but especially for those who arrive in Croatia by plane.  

Useful tip: the toilet is called a “WC” in Croatia, so don’t be confused if you don’t find the toilet on the amenities’ list.

Traveling with little children comes into the picture, as well. Make sure to ask if the villa has a high chair and a cradle. Likewise, ask how near or how far the first neighbors are. Some people may have issues with babies crying.

If you’re traveling as a couple, on the other hand, it’s also good to ask for the location of the neighbors. You’re maybe going to listen to louder music at night, so make sure neighbors are far or don’t have problems with higher decibels.

Do you own a pet that travels with you? Consider that not all villas are pet-friendly. Therefore, ask the owner if you can bring your beloved pet with you.

Read Reviews and Ask Additional Questions

Does the villa have good reviews on listing sites? Take into consideration that a few bad reviews don’t mean the issues still exist. The owners must likely solved the problems after the previous guests left the bad reviews.

Nonetheless, if you want to be on the safe side, book a villa in Croatia that has only good reviews. If you’re unsure about anything else, contact the owner before scheduling your vacation. Consider the following questions if the answers if the host never mentioned them in the ad:

  • Where’s the nearest airport?
  • What’s the minimum stay?
  • Are there sea views from the villa?
  • Is there an agency that organizes day trips nearby?
  • Can the villa’s owner come to the premises in the case of an emergency?
  • Is there an insurance policy on canceling the stay?
  • Is there a security deposit you have to pay upfront?
  • Does the villa have a safe box for keeping valuables?
  • Is there free parking included in the price?
  • Is there a café nearby?

Some hosts don’t use emails or don’t check them too often. Most of the listings have a telephone number, so it’s a safe bet to call the owner and ask them what you want to know directly.

Know What You’re Signing

Once you decide to book a villa in Croatia, make sure you read the terms or that you heard from the owner. Learn to read the fine print because a 20-person villa in Croatia isn’t exactly cheap. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to disappoint the whole group due to poor communication with the host.

Would You Book a Villa in Croatia?

If you want to have the vacation of your dreams, you should book a villa in Croatia’s seaside. However, first, you’ll have to research on your own. Make a priorities’ list, do a preliminary search, and calculate the expenses.

After you make a list of possible candidates for your perfect stay, check the amenities in the villas. Should you require a BBQ, make sure there is one. If a private pool is on your priority list, filter out the villas without saunas.

In case you have any additional questions for the villa’s owners, make sure to get their telephone number and call them. Not every information is on the listing, and you may have an awkward situation or issues upon your arrival and during your stay.

Lastly, when booking a villa in Croatia, read your terms and conditions, and read the fine print before making a reservation. Organize your trip and have fun!